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Old Announcements

In the interest of preservation of history, you can find every priod announcement here
The format of some of these announcements may be off, as they are copy-pasted from discord


[ Update 23/07/2019 ] #Added/#Fixed: -[Discord] Music Bot added to Discord, use #bot-commands to play music -[Discord] Redid permissions of all channels, as these were messed up badly by our old discord admin, also redid much of the layout -[Ingame] Server updated to 1.14.4, along with plugins -[Ingame] Mobarena added(still very basic) do /ma join to play (Will be expanded on heavily in the future) -[Ingame] Server Node moved to a new and better location, plus hardware increased -[Ingame] Permissions/Titles now properly appear in the Nether/The End -[Discord] DaCapitals name on the roster (I'm looking at you Botsie) -[Ingame] Improved further on the Anti-Cheat -[Ingame] Added the /discord -[Ingame] Fixed the Following permissions -Added /fly and /god permission to moderator+ -Added /pay permission to everyone -Fixed moderator permissions to not rely on other groups -Added /ic to moderator+ to bypass claims -Removed permissions that are not longer used #Removed -[Ingame] Removed several claims that were not used anymore, or claimed by permanently banned players -[Discord] Removed "The Factory" tags and channels -[Ingame] Removed FrameProtect, along with other unused plugins [Next up: Player Made shops & The Social Hub ]



@everyone Please welcome our new moderators @Georgia (AU Timezone) and @Kansaiki (US Timezone) :)

7 months ago


Are you ready to rumble? We're holding our first ever hardcore event on SimpleCraft ever. In this event, dying will result in a 12 hour ban on the hardcore server only, and you will go head to head with other players to see who can gather the most points to be at the top of the leaderboard, different activities reward different points. There are also hidden totems scattered around, which will reward points if found. Nobody will hold your hand.

But, when? This weekend. More specifically, from the evening on the 7th of may, until the evening on the 9th of may, EST

But, how? Simply do /world and select the hardcore world to get there. Everything is separated from the survival world, so don't worry.



- Player kill: 100 Points
- Dragon kill: 100 Points
- Wither kill: 200 Points
- Totem Found: 40 Points (Per totem)
- Level up: 5 Points (Per level)


/SC Team